Rihanna Now 3rd Richest Musician Living In UK After Relocating To London

Rihanna is the 3rd richest musician in the UK following her move to London

Rihanna becomes the third richest musician in the UK following her move to London last year.

In case you’re wondering why Rihanna is on the list of the UK’s richest musicians, she’s eligible since she moved to London last year. The talented singer keeps winning. By the way, she’s also currently the richest female musician in the UK.

According to a report by Britain’s Sunday Times, Riri ranks number 3 on the UK’s richest musicians list with a net worth of £468m approximately $578 million. She follows Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Paul McCartney who are tied in first place with a net worth of £800 million ($985m).

Even though the “Work” singer hasn’t released any new music in a while, she still counts as an artist. Her wealth stems largely from the sales from her Fenty fashion, lingerie, and beauty line. Robert Watts (the man who compiled the list) notes that Ri’s position on the list shows a ‘seismic change’. Younger performers now rank higher than older ones which wasn’t so in the past.

Here’s the top 10;

1. Lord Lloyd-Webber — £800m
1. Sir Paul McCartney — £800m
3. Rihanna — £800m
4. Sir Elton John — £360m
5. Sir Mick Jagger — £285m
6. Olivia and Dhani Harrison — £270m
6. Keith Richards £270m
8. Sir Ringo Starr — £260m
9. Michael Flatley — £206m
10. ED Sheeran  — £200m
10. Sir Rod Stewart — £200m
10. Sting— £200m

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