Rihanna Picks Tyler ICU’s “Mnike” As Her Song Of The Year 2023

One thing about being a musician is that you’re just not sure who and who is listening to your songs. Chances are, from the lowly to the mighty, the audience is pretty diverse. And you may not know about some of them until to speak about it. And when they happen to be very important figures in pop culture, the feeling of fulfilment is pretty high.

This is South African singer and producer Tyler ICU’s reality right now, having gotten a semblance of an endorsement for his creative sinews from none other than the Barbadian singer and entrepreneur Rihanna.

During an interview with Complex on December 18, Rihanna took several questions and answered them, including the list of her favourite songs of the year. She mentioned Davido’s “Unavailable;e” and also Tyler ICU’s “Mnike” as her songs of the year.

That revelation was a big deal for Tyler ICU, who was unaware that Rihanna knew him and even knew his music. He is grateful for her acknowledgement and looks forward to continuing to put more effort into his music. South Africans were just as excited for him.

That shouldn’t be surprising given the calibre of the person who favourites Tyler ICU’s song

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