Rihanna Unseats Katy Perry As The Most Followed Female Celebrity On Twitter

Your Bad Gal Riri is still showing that she is as badass as they come, snagging new milestones in her musical career and in her social media life as well, the most recent being her unseating Katy Perry as the most followed female celebrity on Twitter.

Before now, Katy Perry was the lady on Twitter. a prestige she embraced for a while until Rihanna shoved her down the pedestal, taking the spot for herself.

The unseating of Katy Perry by Rihanna was brought to the attention of social media users by Pop Crave. With 108,278,326 Twitter followers at the time of writing, Rihanna effectively takes the top spot ahead of Katy Perry and other celebs.

For a celeb of Rihanna’s standing, the milestone might not be much of a big deal, but it is splendid news for her fans, who have been celebrating it on social media ever since.

Rihanna snagging the top spot among the most followed female celebs on social media might not come as a surprise to many. After all, she recently gave birth and is expecting another child and the interest in her has skyrocketed as well. It remains to be seen how long she would retain the position.

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