Riky Rick Announces New Partnership With African Bank

SA star, Riky Rick has announced a new partnership with African Bank.

What’s better than being successful at what you set your mind to? Absolutely nothing of course. Mzansi rapper, Riky Rick is so grateful for the journey that his rap career has led him through and he’s telling his fans all about it.

The Mzansi star previously trended for a video of him and his wife, Aunty B dancing on Valentine’s day. He has also celebrated hitting the top of the charts with a new collab “Sondela”. Now, he is sharing a major milestone in his career with his fans.

Riky Rick announced a new partnership with African Bank. He revealed that after being introduced to 30 years ago, it has “pulled me in deeper than I would’ve imagined”. The “Mali Eningi” star invited his fans to take the journey with him as he partners with African Bank.

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