Riky Rick Appreciates Cotton Fest 2020 Participants

Riky Rick Thanks Cotton Fest 2020 Participants

says a big thank you to every single participant of 2020 in heartfelt posts.

There comes a time in everyone’s life, big and small, when they are so overwhelmed by love that they let lose and say a huge thanks for it. Imagine gaining so much support for an idea that finally becomes reality, you’d definitely be thankful.

That’s the exact  pair of shoes SA star is putting on right now. The rapper whose festival 2020 held over the weekend on 1st was overwhelmed by it all.

First off, the entire tickets to the event sold out, then, all the performers delivered, and so much more.

In recent posts, the rapper shared photos from the festival, and heartfelt messages to everyone who contributed to its success.

Thank you all for the continued love and support💜#CottonFest2020 is not about me at all. Its about the great people we have in this industry coming together and creating history for the people. Im humbled by all the performers who gave up their time to come spread love with us. Im humbled by the fans who came in their numbers to spread love with us. All 3 stages were

We cant wait for the next edition of the festival, it would definitely be better.

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