Riky Rick: Bianca Naidoo Reportedly Appointed Estate Executrix

In a move that many of her supporters consider a miracle and a benediction, has been appointed the executor of Riky Rick’s estate.

A little drama had played out following Riky Ricky’s death in a suicide after it was discovered that he died intestate (without a will). The state had challenged her rights to be the executrix of his estate, citing that she was not legally married to the “Boss Zonke” hitmaker.

In her submission, she noted that although they might not have been legally married, they were technically seen as married by both their families, and they have been sharing things as one since the rapper agreed to go into a relationship with her while also accepting her daughter from a [previous relationship (Jordan).

Home Affairs, which has been challenging her suit to be appointed executrix of the estate of the late rapper, has abandoned the case, which means she may now claim the spot of executrix of the rapper’s estate – in what some consider a twist of fate.

Since Riky Rick’s death, Bianca has been at work preserving the rapper’s legacy. She had gotten a tattoo of him while also ensuring that Cotton Fest, a hip-hop festival he founded, continued without him.

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