Riky Rick Feels Sizwe Dhlomo Should Stay On His Own Lane

Award-winning South African rapper, Riky Rick, has expressed his view about Sizwe Dhlomo’s recent comment. Displeased with what the Newzroom Afrika presenter said, Riky advised him to stay in his own lane as he is not a rapper and doesn’t have proper knowledge about the rap business.

The ‘Pick You Up’ rapper stated that only the Mzansi rappers who are ‘in the trenches’ will have an idea about the challenges of the rap business. He is not okay with Sizwe, who is only a presenter, to pass judgement on the South African hip hop industry.

Sizwe Dhlomo recently stated that Supa Mega is an ‘awful businessman.’ He believes that he will perform better if he were in the shoes of the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker.

Riky Rick is not okay with Sizwe’s comment as he believes that it is only the rappers in the highly-competitive hip hop scene that will know the real challenges.

Speaking to Da Les during a recent Instagram Live chat, Riky Rick said:

For (Sizwe) to really get involved on that level…I see you’re a commentator, but at the same time you’re making money somewhere else, you’re not making money in rap. So, stop coming for the rappers. If you love this culture, build this culture- but don’t come for the rappers.

Riky Rick clarified that he has no intentions of defending Supa Mega, but rather to protect the South African hip hop industry as a whole.

After AKA revealed that he did not receive any money from his sneaker collaboration with Reebok, Sizwe Dhlomo called AKA an ‘awful businessperson.’

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