Riky Rick Lists 3 South African Artists Who Motivated Him To Rap

Riky Rick reveals three artists that inspired him to rap.

Riky Rick is undoubtedly one of the most successful rappers in South Africa. This makes it intriguing to learn about the musicians that motivated him to go into music.

In a recent interview session with MacG, the talented rapper revealed the three South African artists who made a great impact in his musical career.

The names Riky Rick listed was surprising because people were expecting the talented rapper who list rappers as his motivators. However, he named Mapaputsi as his biggest source of inspiration.

Mapaputsi, who was born in Zola, is a kwaito pioneer. In 1998, Mapaputsi started his musical career and worked with artists such as Chiskop, TKZee, Sbu a.k.a Maloya, and Mischief & Mavusana.

Riky Rick also mentioned Pitch Black Afro. In the early 2000s, the talented artist was a prominent rapper. However, Pitch Black Afro is currently serving a jail term for the murder of his wife.

Riky Rick also mentioned HHP, the successful artist who passed away. HHP was an incredible rapper whose name would never be forgotten in the history of the South African hip hop scene.

Watch the interview below:

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