Riky Rick: Mohale Calls Out Cassper Over “So Homophobic” Tweet

Mohale Motaung has called out over what he thinks is homophobia on the part of the Family Tree rapper.

In a tweet, the “Doc Shebeleza” hitmaker had shared a picture that showed Riky Rick creeping up behind him during an interview. He noted he’s uncomfortable with another man touching him or being behind him.

And he was going to question who the hell had gotten behind him. U then he heard Riky Rick’s voice and he chilled. For there’s only one Riky. The two used to be very close but they lost that closeness in mysterious circumstances.

Mohale had denounced Cassper’s tweet as “very homophobic,” urging the Family Tree rapper to delete it. Funny enough, it was Mohale who ended up deleting his tweet, but it was already screenshot, as you can see below. Cassper’s tweet is still available.

Some tweeps trolled Mohale for the post. One tweeter even asked why Mohale should think that setting boundaries is now homophobic. Others supported Mohale’s tweet, though, insisting that Cassper’s post reeks of homophobia.

By the way, Riky Rick committed suicide on the morning of February 23. The news of his death reverberated throughout South Africa. Many are yet to get over it.

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