Riky Rick On The Benefit Of Private Schooling

Not many are lucky enough to attend private schools, which are said to be way better than public schools, especially in Africa. So those who do are particularly grateful.

Hip hop champ Riky Rick is one of those with a private school background. The songster made this known recently, hinting at his gratitude to his parents for the sacrifice they made to send him to private school.

Of course, back, then, according to him, he was unaware of the sacrifice they made. If he was, he would have appreciated it much better back then, when he was younger. He admitted he actually took his time in private school for granted.

While he cannot reverse the experience and how he handled his time back in private school, the songster has learned a lot and will be applying his experience in the training of his own kids. Where he slipped, he would lov them to walk majestically, tall in knowledge. Looks like the way to go. Yes?

Well, what do you think of riky Rick’s glorification of private schools? What is the quality of private school education in your area? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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