Riky Rick Reacts To Criticism In The US That He Tries To Sound Like Nas

Riky Rick reacts to being accused of sounding like Nas in the US

Riky Rick reacts to previous criticism he got in the US of trying to sound like Nas.

Since everyone in the country has heard Riky Rick rap, we’ve got a question for you guys. Have you ever felt that the rapper tries to sound more like American rapper, Nas? Be honest.

While hosting one of his Lab Live episodes, the Mzansi rapper opened up about the criticism that shaped his sound to date. He revealed that one of his homies had invited him to Los Angeles, California to perform. So, during a casual studio session, he performed one his releases but got the opposite of the feedback he was expecting.

He revealed they asked him why he tried to sound more like when he is from South Africa. Apparently, the criticism got him so bad that he’s made his music as local as possible since then. Here’s what he said;

They said to me: ‘Yo! I thought you are from South Africa. Why does it sound like you are trying to sound like Nas?’

“I was heartbroken because this is the music I have been working on my whole life, and they were saying I was trying to sound like I’m from LA or New York.

“That was the most disappointing, heartbreaking feedback I had ever received. Basically they told me in the nicest way possible that I’m fake,” 

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