Riky Rick Shares His Experience With Depression

Riky Rick finally opens up on his battles with depression, which has taken a toll over him for a long time.

The “Cotton King” has always come out one way or the other to share what he is battling as a celebrity, he once made it public that he was struggling with drug abuse which he later got rehabbed for and got a lot better. After which he made know his struggle with depression and had to go on break for a while.

Riky Rick Made the revelation on a podcast show with Mac G tagged Podcast and Chill. Depression as a whole, has the power to take toll in someone’s life, if not carefully dealt with and a lot of celebrities in the industry has had their fair share of it. Riky Rick had been battling with the mayhem since as far back as 2018 and shared how he pulls through in the podcast.

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