Riky Rick Test Negative to Coronavirus, Shares Most Efficient Way To Get Tested

The coronavirus pandemic captured the attention of the world awhile back. The virus is still spreading around the world. Now, to know your coronavirus status is to be prepared for the future.

But how many know about the test? And how many can afford it? Well, Riky Rick, one of South Africa’s better known hip hop champs, has shared his experience, which might be of help to many across Mzansi.

According to the songster, he has taken the tests privately and it costs him R1,150. He made this statement when a fan questioned him on Twitter. He also made it known that he tested negative to the virus.

He informed fans that he took the test at Zina Care (@ZinaCareHQ on Twitter). He described the service as quick and efficient, while clarifying that he has not been paid to endorse the HMO.  Zina Care promises test results within 48 hours. However, Riky Rick, who is gearing for his Cotton fest this year, got his test results within 28 hours.

He noted that he had taken the test at other places and it took him about a week to get his results. Zina Care promised results in fewer days and actually delivered, so he is impressed.

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