Riky Rick To Upcoming Rappers – “Stop rapping about sh*t you don’t have,”

Riky Rick wants upcoming rappers to stop rapping about things they don't have

Riky Rick calls out upcoming rappers, tells them to stop rapping about “sh*t” they dont have.

Hip-hop is a culture that the world has come to embrace. The earliest forms of rap music were based on true stories that started in the hood. They mostly involved tales of struggle, and everything surrounding the rapper’s life and community.

These days, it hasn’t been the same. New age rappers are more into rapping about wealth and property. However, a lot of them do not own any of these but it makes them seem cool.

SA Hip-hop star, Riky Rick, in a recent chat with Reason, talked about how this kind of rap isn’t good for the growth of Hip-hop. According to him, those kind of songs are not platinum worthy. He urged upcoming rappers to rap about their own lives and not someone else’s, stating that they wont get to the top if they’re living in illusion.

Let’s stop talking about sh*t we don’t have. Stop talking about shit that’s not yours. Don’t rap another rapper’s life, rap your own. I just don’t wanna see all these 19 year olds and 20 year olds coming up talking about money but they still using uber. 2020 let’s be real with this sh*t,” – Riky

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