Riky Rick Unveils New “Cotton Fest” Merchandise

Riky Rick releases brand new "Cotton Fest" merch

Riky Rick announces the release of the brand new Cotton Fest merchandise.

While many Mzansi stars would testify of a drought in steady income this year, some continue to make money. A lot of artists have found new ways to make money for themselves.

Mzansi rapper, Riky Rick is a boss in his own might. The talented muso known for his popular music event, Cotton Fest always records so much success for it and also for the sales of its merchandise. The Mzansi star recently took to social media to announce the release of the newest Cotton Fest Merchandise.

The new merch includes long sleeve tees, hoodies, and caps in white, red and blue colours. You should know, they’ve been selling like crazy since the announcement a few days ago. On Friday, July 31, he announced that the Long sleve tees had sold out. This isn’t coming as a shock, because we all know how loved Cotton Fest is. Order yours here.

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