Riky Rick’s Cotton Fest Collaborates With PUMA, Dropping Merch Next Week

We don’t die; we multiply. That was Riky Rick’s ma Tra until his tragic death earlier this year. But those words are still very much alive. He might be physically dead, but his legacy is still very much alive, and his friends and associates are ensuring they remain active.

This much became apparent recently following the announcement of a partnership between Cotton Fest and PUMA.

Cotton Fest is a hip-hop festival and Riky Rick’s brainchild. Since its founding, it has been bringing musicians across South Africa to perform on a single stage. And even with Riky Rick’s death, it’s still very much alive. However, the first festival following his passing had met with severe criticism because of the proliferation of amapiano artists on the lineup (of a supposedly hip hop festival).

Anyway, Cotton Fest achieved a new milestone going into a partnership with the sportswear brand and announced the same on its Instagram channel. It singles out the club Mamelodi Sundowns for praise. It’s unclear what role the team played in clinching the partnership, however.

Riky Rick, who founded Cotton Fest, died earlier this year by suicide. He hung himself in his studio. The news reverberated across South Africa, leaving many in tears.

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