Riky Rick’s Mother Set To Release A Book In His Honour

Wherever he is right now, Riky Rick would undoubtedly be pleased with the reality that he is still very much in the thoughts of those who love him, especially his mother, who has just written a book in his honour.

In a post on Instagram, the musician’s mother, Louisa Zondo, announced to the world that she had just completed a book in her son’s honour. From the title she gave, Dearest MaRiky: A Mother’s Journey through Grief, Trauma and Healing, the book is clearly about Riky and how his mother has been navigating the bend of grief since his sudden death.

Riky Rick hung himself in his studio back in 2022, sending shock waves across South Africa’s music and entertainment universe. It was one death no one saw coming. Only after his death were clues obvious that the songster was suffering from depression and had to end it all by suicide.

According to Louisa, telling her story in the book gave her clarity and healing. You can check out her post below. The book is available for preorder via a link provided in her Instagram bio.

Riky Rick will be sorely missed for his contributions to South Africa’s entertainment universe. His legacy lives.

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