Riky Rick’s Performance On Big Zulu’s “Mali Eningi” Song Divides Fans

Cotton Fest pioneer Riky Rick recently collaborated with Inkabi Records boss Big Zulu on a song titled “Mali Eningi.” That song also featured “Intaba Yase Dubai.”

However, while some fans think the other artistes did just fine, they think Riky Rick was whack on the song. An interesting debate blew up online over his performance.

Some fans think Riky Rick an unnecessary addition to the song; some think he is seldom necessary on the songs on which he is co-opted. In all of the online opinion storms one man who has said nothing is Riky Rick himself.

The songster is apparently too busy facing his business to care who social media denizens have to say concerning his performance. Another man who has said nothing so far is Big Zulu, the lead singer of the song.

To each social media user his thoughts, obviously. It doent look like Riky Rick will stop making music anytime soon based on social media user’s opinion of his performance.

What do you think of Riky Rick’s performance on the song, though? Do you think he is “whack” as many are claiming? If you haven’t listened to the song you might want to check it out here and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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