#RoastOfKhanyi: Mpho Popps, John Vlismas, Celeste Ntuli & SelBeyonce Thrill On Comedy Central

It was a stew of opinions following Comedy Central’s #RoastOfKhanyi. There were a couple of celebs in the group, and each appeared to have charmed the audience one way or the other.

Of particular interest during that episode is Mpho Popps. He charmed the audience so much and had many laughing so hard that many viewers ended up saying he’s the next big thing in South African comedy after Trevor Noah.

In fact, one excited fan even noted that he should be given just a few years, and Mpho Popps would be the real thing. You can check out the clip below.

John Vlismas was another comic figure who charmed many on set. He was just as good a stand-up comedian – so good, in fact, that some viewers ended up making comparisons between him and Mpho Popps and asking which between them is the best.

Some viewers joked that without makeup, Nadia Nakai looks like Selbeyonce, a South African media personality. The “Yass Bitch” rapper has her sickle elsewhere, though.

Celeste Ntuli was a delight for most viewers, as they thought she went hard when she spoke and gave them their dose of giggles.

The roast is over and yet not over for some viewers.

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