#RoastOfKhanyi: Nadia Nakai Buries Youngsta CPT In Fiery Joke

It was a moment of hilarity during the #RoastOfKhanyi as Nadia Nakai took a jab at fellow rapper Youngsta CPT, leaving many viewers clutching their sides in laughter.

As you probably already know, the Mzansi roast is a comedic outing usually involving celebrities. They are brought to the “hot seat” and then made fun of. But, it’s all for good humour, and most celebs happily attend.

This roast had Nadia Nakai and Youngsta CPT on the same spot. In case you don’t already know, Youngsta is a Cape Town rapper, and he’s shown his devotion to the town by adopting CPT (Cape Town) as part of his stage name.

But that’s not all. ’Youngsta CPT also made it clear in his music that he’s the “voice of the Cape.” This would be a subject of serious “roasting” during the recent outing on the platform. Nadia Nakai had turned to Youngsta CPT and asked, “You call yourself the greatest rapper from the Cape. Babe, do you know who I’m dating.”

Laughter erupted everywhere after that, with some tweeps praising her for hyping her lover AKA. The couple is fairly new in their relationship but has been giving Mzansi couple goals and has no plans to quit soon.

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