Robot Boii Wows Mzansi With A New Version Of Tshwala Bami Challenge

South African musician Robot Boii has seemingly moved past the shocker of meeting someone taller than him in the United States and appears focused again on the beats.

At least this is what his treating South Africans to another version of the Viral “Tshwala Bami” Challenge suggests.

In a clip which has since gone viral, the songster merged three different clips into a splendid whole that had his compatriots talking. many of them applauded the creative energy that went into creating the clip. You can check it out below.

But then, those who are truly conversant with the songster wouldn’t be surprised one bit. His creative energy is patent in almost all he does – a reality that has earned him many fans and continues to earn him the attention of the music-loving public.

This Robot Boii is not a robot, of course. You can find him among the musicians who are currently pushing the borders of South African music and bringing the attention of the world to the same.

At this point in his career, he’s already earned a secure place – and that’s despite his name nit being the main buzz in the world of South African music. Not bad, really.

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