Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis Dead At 87

He came. He saw. He conquered. And then, the rocker flew away! Pioneering rocker Jerry Lee Lewis is dead. He was 87. 

His publicist confirmed his death, noting that the actor, famous for the classic “Greats Balls of Fire,” died of natural causes. His wife confirmed the same, stating that her husband was “ready to leave,” which might indicate he saw the death thing coming or had resigned to its imminence.

Lewis making it to 87 was nothing short of a miracle. As a young man, he had so abused his body that many thought he had little chance of reaching middle age, let alone old age. But by a quirk of fate, though, he managed to push ahead and made it to a grand old age. 

Lewis was of the same era as another legendary figure, Elvis Presley, and was considered his rival. 

Born in Louisiana, Lewis’s musical interests caught fire at a young age, and he continued pursuing that interest until his death. In all, he had spent over half a century on the beat.

The news of his death has led to an outpouring of emotions on social media, with some of those conversant with his work sharing their best memories of him. 

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