Rouge Begs Her Husband For A Son

Mzansi rapper Rouge begs her husband to give her a son who looks like him while celebrating his birthday.

We can’t believe that Rouge has been married for over two months now. The happy wife has been linked to her man for years, and they both tied the knot late last year.

Taking to her Instagram page, Rouge celebrated him on his birthday. She urged her fans to wish him a happy birthday and also begged her husband, Macmillan Mabaleka, to give her a son that looks like him. She wrote,

“Can everyone wish happy birthday to my HUSBAND (I had too 😅)what a guy. Give me a son who looks like you.”

The couple dominated the news following their wedding last year. Explaining how he proposed to Roger Goode on 5FM Drive, he said,

“I got on one knee on Saturday, and South Africa shook metaphorically and physically. I don’t know which knee I got on, I knew I had to go down on my knee, the ring was in my pocket, and I had a speech. But that went out the window. I’m just lucky she said yes. I think I mumbled a bit.”

He also revealed that he didn’t plan to make her his fiancée for too long, “It’s been a nine-year relationship, I don’t want to make her a fiancée for too long.”

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