Rouge Calls #NorthcliffChallenge Disgusting, And Gets Roasted

Rouge Roasted On Twitter For Calling #NorthcliffChallenge Disgusting

Rouge gets brutally roasted on Twitter for calling #NorthcliffChallenge “Disgusting”.

As a celebrity, if there’s one thing you should know about social media today, it is to mind your business and keep your opinions to yourself especially if people are having fun.

No matter how good your opinions may seem, you can still get dragged for airing them. So, sometimes, just look away. Mzansi rapper, Rouge has learnt this the hard way after she aired her views on the recent #NorthcliffChallenge on Twitter. The challenge began after a user shared a video of a man and a woman walking around North Cliff, Johannesburg naked.

She wrote,

“This #Northcliffchallenge is disgusting. All for clout.. There’s a deeper issue going on. And of course cause we feel so far from the problem and want likes and views. Cause it’s not your sister or brother or son or daughter. You mock it. Blocking whoever posts or retweet such,”

Of course she got dragged for her opinions. Check it out below.

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