Rouge Claps Back At Claims That Her Hip Hop Career Is Falling Off

SA rapper, has clapped back at claims that her Hip Hop career is falling off.

One thing people in the spotlight have become acquainted with is hate. It comes from people who don’t like their music, critics, and most times, from their colleagues. Everyone literally wants to tear their spirit apart. While some succumb, others would rather clap back and keep going.

That last bit is Rouge’s story. The female emcee has been in for a couple of years now, so she’s no stranger to how things work. With hits under her belt, has had a successful career and that is undeniable. However, she’s been noticeably absent from the scene for sometime now.

She recently took to Twitter to clap back at trolls who criticized her for “falling off”. In her opinion, “I just haven’t dropped”. She went on to say her piece and end the tweet with class. Check it out below.

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