Rouge Continues To Struggle To Come To Terms With AKA’s Brutal Murder

The reflections continue over the brutal murder of South African rapper AKA,. with his compatriot, Rouge, once again sharing her thoughts about the whole tragedy.

AKA was assassinated on February 10, as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban in the company of his associates, including the celebrity chef Tibz, who would end up killed with him on that tragic day. He was previously AKA’s manager.

Around the time AKA was assassinated, Rouge had mourned him in a post on social media, noting how he had been of immense support to her career since she knew him (the two had collaborated previously). She also noted he exhibited great faith in her when others didn’t even give her a chance.

It appears it’s been hard to let go because on March 31, just two days ago, she tweeted ago, verbatim: “They really killed Kiernan,” followed by a broken heart emoji. You can check it out below.

Rouge Continues To Struggle To Come To Terms With Aka'S Brutal Murder 2

AKA’s death is one tragedy many have been unable to get over, especially as the police have so far not arrested the killers. Three of the men allegedly arrested for his murder were just recently released without being charged to court. Such is the reality on the ground.

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