Rouge Destroys Follower Who Criticised The ‘Failure’ Of Her Battle With Moozlie

Rouge comes for follower who criticised her battle with Moozlie

Rouge destroys follower who criticised the failure of her battle with Moozlie.

The streets of Black Twitter are not for the weak hearted so you might want to be strong before you enter them. Celebrities have learnt this fact and so either ignore criticisms or dish it back as much as they were served.

Since the lockdown began, we have seen some of the biggest names in the Hip-hop game battle each other. It is sincerely one of the most interesting things you’ll catch on social media these days. Although it has mostly been between DJs and producers, it has still be amazing.

Female Emcees, Moozlie and Rouge kicked off the female face off by going against each other on IG Live earlier this week. Although it was a good battle, the views didn’t look so good as it was just under 600. A follower recently took to Twitter to taunt the “1BY1” about it but didn’t expect what happened next.

Replying, she wrote,

“Since you equating success to followers and views, you’re here struggling to get 1000 followers but you talking. Bi*ch. You don’t know who you tweeting coming for me. I’ll make you pop Sf*be.”

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