Rouge Features In New Advert For Popular Alcohol Brand “Jägermeister”

is featured in the latest advert for popular digestif liquor brand, Jagermeister.

For Mzansi rapper, Rouge, it is always about the bag, and sis has been getting it. We love everything about what she’s doing. She’s been putting in so much work, and continues to reap the rewards.

She recently took to Twitter to share that she has been featured in the latest commercial for popular digestif liquor brand, Jagermeister. That’s pretty huge. However, she doesn’t ride solo on this one. The new ad also features other music artists including DBN Gogo, Die Antwoord and several others. From what we’ve seen, it is a very impressive one.

The “Senzenina rapper isn’t new to this. In fact, she’s also worked with several other liquor brands including Flying Fish, and Castle Lite. There are no reports which may reveal if she will be joining Jagermeister as an ambassador. Hopefully she does.

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