Rouge Heartbroken By Death Of Dog Of 15 Years

South African rapper Rouge is heartbroken following the death of her dog of 15 years. She made this known in a recent tweet, as a comment on a thread on the killing of dogs in South Africa.

According to her, one minute the dog was struggling to breathe, and the next, the dog was dead. It was puzzling.

The tweet elicited robust engagement on the microblogging platform. Some fans sympathized with her while narrating their personal experiences.

Some fans commented that have had similarly tragic experiences. In fact, some said outright that their dogs were poisoned.

In Rouge’s case, there was no indication the dog was poisoned – she never hinted at that. Anyway, it appears she is on her way to getting over the loss of the animal

A dog is often called man’s most loyal friend because of how faithful and reliable it is. In fact, recent research indicates that some people are more trusting of dogs than they are of their fellow human beings.

It is not surprising most families would rather keep dogs that keep night watchmen.

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