Rouge Lists SA Female Rappers She Would Like To Collaborate With

Rouge lists female SA rappers she would like to collaborate with

Rouge lists a few SA female rappers she would like to collaborate with.

Don’t deny it, you love yourself a good feud just as much as we do. That sort of keeps the rap game going. But sometimes, togetherness in music is quite a beautiful thing to see. Then again, a lot of us just like drama, especially in the Hip-hop scene.

One time, controversial rapper, AKA advised female rappers in the country to start feuds with each other saying that it would change the game. It doesn’t seem like any of them wants to pay heed to that advice although it’s obvious some aren’t really feeling each other.

“1BY1” rapper, Rouge has now listed a few rappers she would love to collaborate with. In the list, she mentions Boity, Moozlie and of course, Gigi Lamayne. Moozlie seemed really into the idea because she replied saying she’s got a studio set up.

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