Rouge Reacts To Missy Elliot Following Her On Twitter

Rouge reacts to Missy Elliot's Twitter follow

Mzansi rapper, Rouge reacts to Missy Elliot following her on Twitter.

It isn’t every day that one of the most legendary female rappers in the world spots you like a diamond in the rough and decides to follow you. It is always a great feeling to be noticed by some of the best and greatest in the game.

That’s exactly how Mzansi rapper, Rouge is feeling right now. The female emcee recently got followed by iconic American rapper, Missy Elliot on Twitter and she was absolutely stunned. The rapper shared a screenshot of the feature with the caption “I’m Dreaming” for her followers to see.

Rouge has surely been having a great time this year and it’s been amazing to follow. The rapper recently revealed that she’s got a song with popular Mzansi Hip Hop star, AKA titled “1BY1” and revealed that it would be dropping soon. We can’t wait to hear it.

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