Rouge Reveals Her Favourite Hip Hop Verses!

Rouge reveals her eight favourite songs.

South African rapper, Rouge, is one of the most notable female rappers in South Africa. It’s hard to see a list of people’s favourite female rappers that Rouge won’t be included.

In a recent Q & A session that Rouge held with her fans on Twitter, the ‘One By One’ hitmaker talked about her best verses from her fellow rappers.

Even though several artists try to avoid answering such a question, the twenty-seven-year-old rapper did not hesitate in answering the questions.

While answering the question, the talented rapper did not name a verse, she went as far as giving a list of her eight favourite songs.

A fascinating part of Rouge’s list is the fact that the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker, AKA’s song and that of Reason topped the list. This was followed by songs by some foreign artists.

Check out Rouge’s list:

  1. Composure by AKA

2. Do It Like I Can by Reason

3. 99 Problems by Jay z

4. Understand Part 2 by Big Star

5. Big Big Poppa by Notorious BIG

6. Under Pressure by Logic

7. You Deserve by Drake

8. Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco

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