Rouge Reveals Why It Is Difficult For Rappers To Remain Humble

Rouge explains why it is difficult for rappers to remain humble

Rouge shares her thoughts on why rappers find it difficult to remain humble.

As we all know, you need a lot of confidence to be a Hip Hop star. You also need to be perceived as proud sometimes because your fanbase feeds off of that. However, many wonder why it is almost impossible to see a rapper who is humble.

If you’ve wondered the same thing, then Rouge’s explanation might make a lot of sense to you. The Mzansi rapper replied a fan who asked if she thought the word “humble” is related to Hip Hop culture. While many would have laughed it off, she gave a pretty relatable answer.

According to her, “Humble” does not exist in Hip Hop because the lyrics of the songs sees artists hyping themselves. She also revealed that Hip Hop supporters love the most cocky artists. What do you think about this? Is she right or wrong?

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