Rouge Shares Father’s Reaction To Seeing Her On A Magazine

Female Mzansi rapper, Rouge shares a photo of her father’s reaction to seeing her on a Magazine cover.

Oh how it must feel watching our parents read magazine features on us and our careers. “Gear Box” rapper, Rouge recently shared a photo of her dad seeing her on a Magazine. In case you’ve ever wondered how the parents of your favourite artists feel about their successes, you should check this out.

The photo shows the proud father keenly looking at his daughter on the Magazine. Rouge is already making the right moves this year. She started out the year with the release of the “Popular Remix”, and of course, “Gear Box”.

She also announced that she had teamed up with the Global Peace campaign. The initiative challenges people to dance and share their creative gift for global peace. All that must really make her father proud. Who wouldn’t be proud of their daughter’s wins?

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