Rouge Shows Love To The Community For Mandela Day

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SA Hip Hop star Rouge shows love and gives back to the community in celebration of Mandela Day.

Rouge is about giving back to the community and she has shown that many times. The famous emcee touched lives in celebration of Mandela Day yesterday. On July 17, she announced she would be donating blankets and canned foods to the homeless and needy.

She called on her friends and fans to contribute to the food drive. She wrote, “Hey guys so we have seen how cold it has been and Thursday is another cold front. For 67min of Mandela day tomorrow I will be doing a blanket and food drive for the homeless. If you have old blankets or new or canned food please come dropped off in braam.”

It seems it all went well, because she returned to Twitter to talk about it. She wrote, “What an incredible day! Notice how we only had 1 blanket left after a crowd surrounded us in a matter of minutes. The food flew and by Gods grace we had one more box in the car to go feed some more people. But people are so cold this winter please help. Who you can 🙏🏽#MandelaDay,”