Rouge Suggests Government Pays Masses’ Bills “When we getting our monthly allowances?”

Mzansi rapper, Rouge Suggests Government Pays Masses' Bills "When we getting our monthly allowances?"

Rouge suggests the government pays masses’ bills, asks “When we getting our monthly allowances?”

Rouge is getting serious about what the self-isolation process could mean for the people of Mzansi. The spread of the COVID-19 outbreak has been tough on the whole world including South Africa. We continue to hear of new cases of the virus within the country.

In a bid to reduce the spread of the virus, the government has ordered that public and private sectors shut down indefinitely to control it. This means that there wouldn’t be any source of income for the people who would be without work.

Reacting to the news, “OneByOne” rapper, Rouge asked if the government has plans to pay the bills of the people which will surely not be suspended as well. She also asked if data would be made free, and rent payments be postponed as well. That is certainly a valid question we’d all want to get answers to.

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