Rouge’s Face Is Numb, Thanks To Her Dentist

Rouge's dentist leaves her face numb

Rouge gets a numb face after an appointment with her dentist.

Female Mzansi rapper, Rouge is not in a great mood, she’s also not in a bad mood. Thing is, she’s got a numb face all thanks to her dentist. The rapper recently shared a post on IG to ‘vent’ about her numb face after an appointment with her dentist. According to her, it left her with a bad state of mind, and she had to take it to an interview. Talk about a bad face day.

The rapper is known to always communicate with her fans a lot. That’s the sort of bond she has with them. In other news, she left fans thinking she was in a feud with fellow rapper, Nadia Nakai after she shared a tweet about being the best when it comes to dropping bars. It was mistaken by her fans to be a diss at Nakai’s new hit, “40 Bars”, but she blasted the rumours and told fans to “stop tryina start sh*t“.

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