Ruff ATM Shares The Challenges Encountered While Making Sjava’s Isibuko Album

SA Hip Hop producer Ruff has shared some challenges they encountered while recording Sjava’s hit album “Isibuko.”

Sjava is the king of the world. He is currently the most talked-about rapper in the country because of his latest album “Isibuko.” The project has earned praise from fans and lovers of SA Hip Hop and is racking up massive streaming and sales numbers across various platforms.

However, there is a story behind the album’s creation. Producer Ruff recently took to Instagram to share some challenges they encountered while recording the album.

He revealed that the album was mixed and mastered in a small room. He also stressed how difficult it is to do that in that kind of room. He revealed that when he was done, he realized his speakers could have sounded better if he had gotten rid of the two corners in front of him. Check out his posts below.

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