Ruff Confirms Whether Or Not Sjava Will Be Getting Back To The Scene

Following the rape allegations levied against him by his former partner, Lady Zamar, talented musician and actor, Sjava, has been mute for a while. His unusual silence have gotten his fans worried as they have to witness their favourite star step back from the limelight.

Sjava has not been gracing any interviews or participating on Instagram Live performances. Fans of the talented singer want him to release new songs whether he is guilty of the allegations or not.

The popular rapper has been away from the music scene for a while now. The only headline that has resurfaced about him is based on the speculations that Sjava is desperate to leave the controversial record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Manager of the record label, Kgosi Mahumapelo, revealed yesterday that the recording, publishing, and marketing deals Sjava signed with the record label will still become active for several more years.

Kgosi Mahumapelo said:

An artist or label cannot opt to renew a contract that is still active and will be for a few years to come.

All three contracts are active and Ambitiouz have not requested the artist to renew any.”

Ruff has further confirmed that they will be releasing new music with Sjava.

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