Rumoured Launch Price Of PlayStation 5 Has Been Revealed

A new report reveals the potential launch price of PlayStation 5.

Even though the of gaming has appeared more promising than ever, it looks like the holiday season launch for PlayStation 5 by Sony might be a challenging one.

Based on Bloomberg’s report, PS5’s initial production run will result in a ‘limited’ quantity within the first year. This decision is connected to the projected price of the playstation.

Sources reveal that Sony plans on producing between five and six million within the first fiscal year. This will conclude by March of next year.

Sony apparently believes that its anticipated price, which ranges between $499 and $549, will contribute to slowing down the initial demand of the product. This will allow them to effectively allocate productive resources.

We should note that the pandemic has not had an impact on production. It, however, affected the promotional plans of Sony. Another area that has been affected is the production of certain components of the console. This could impact on the final price of PS5.

Signs are directed to a Holiday 2020 release window but fans will possibly pre-order the console once it becomes available.

According to Bloomberg reports, it might be a bit difficult to get one of the consoles around the period of its launch.

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