Rumours Of A Possible Collaboration Ignite After Tyla Meets Rema In Los Angeles

Is South African singer Tyla about to drop new music in collaboration with Nigerian singer Rema? That’s one question that has been bubbling in the mouth of fans after the two were spotted together in Los Angeles.

Tyla first gained attention with the release of “Getting Late.” The song provoked interest in her person and her music. It would be the prelude to her snapping a vital record deal later. In 2021, she released a number titled “Overdue” in collaboration with DJ Lag.

Since then, there has been no new music from her end. But expectations have skyrocketed following her encounter with Rema in LA. The two musicians are pretty young and almost in the same age bracket.

While Tyla is signed to Epic Records, a deal that has enabled her to travel the world and meet key voices in global pop, Rema is signed to Mavin, one of the best record labels in Nigeria.

Neither Tyla nor Rema has spoken out publicly about a possible collaboration. So it will be interesting to see if they will come out with something in the coming days. If they should release anything, you can, of course, count on us to share the same with you. Stay tuned.

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