Russell Simmons & Daughter: The Drama Of Father’s Day

What’s up with Russell Simmons? Has he really changed? If yes, to what extent? Well, his daughter is claiming that he has changed completely and become terrifying. 

Father’s Day has come and gone, but the memories are still pretty fresh for most people, including Ming and Aoki Simmons, children of Russell Simmons. 

On Father’s Day, Ming ignored her father and failed to wish him the best on that day. Instead, she posted an Instagram message (since deleted) wishing her mother a happy Father’s Day. 

That must have passed as a lance in the chest for Russell, who is still very much alive. But the consolation might lie in him receiving a Father’s Day message from his nieces Vanessa J. Simmons and Angela Simmons. He shared screenshots of those messages, indicating they actually meant a lot to him. 

Also, in a since-deleted Instagram story, he blamed his ex-wife Kimora for the collapse of the family. For her part, she also took to Instagram to share that she had blocked him on all social media platforms, but he has continued to imply that the family has an amicable relationship, which it doesn’t. 

The current situation will undoubtedly break the hearts of those familiar with the family when all was chummy and good. 

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