Rust Film Shooting: Alec Baldwin Sued By Halyna Hutchins’s family

It is not yet Uhuru for Alec Baldwin as he is still legally being chased following the tragic shooting on the set of “Rust” in which Halyna Hutchins lost his life.

Halyna Hutchins had died on the set of “Rust” in New Mexico after Baldwin allegedly fired a prop gun at her, tragically ending a splendid career. The case has dragged on since the incident happened years ago.

“Devastated by the shocking killing,”  her family had filed a suit against the actor and producers involved in the film. The suit against Baldwin and others allegedly intentionally infliction of emotional distress. Pushing the legal case and seeking redress are Halyna Hutchins’s parents and sister, who reportedly currently live in Ukraine.

Gloria Allred, attorney for the late actress’s family, noted that the family “feels strongly that anyone who is responsible for her loss must be held accountable.”

Of course, while the family feels this way, it is still left to the court to deliver its verdict on the case – and it could be anything, depending on how both parties are able to argue before the Los Angeles County Superior Court, where the case was brought.

How the case will be resolved remains of great interest to the public.

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