Rymir Satterthwaite Takes Jay-Z Paternity Battle To The Supreme Court

It is not yet uhuru for Jay-Z, as a young man claiming to be his son has taken him to the Supreme Court to force him to undergo a paternity test to prove that he is not his father.

Rymir Satterthwaite is claiming that Jay-Z is his father. He hinged his claims on what his mother had told him soon after his birth. According to his mother, she had a fling with Jay-Z while she was still dating her high school sweetheart in 1992 and that led to conception.

Jay-Z’s attorneys deny the whole claims, insisting that they have been refuted in court. But Rymir is insisting on his story and wants the celebrated rapper and billionaire to subject himself to a paternity test. He is praying the New Jersey Supreme Court unseal the year’s worth of documents. But the prayer was reportedly rejected by the court for lack of jurisdiction.

The paternity tussle didn’t start today, however. It reportedly started about a decade ago. Rymir insists he is uninterested in the money of his alleged father but in determining the root of his birth and seeing Jay-Z acknowledge him as his son. But will that ever happen? Time might have the answer.

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