SA Worried By Video Of Skomota Being Cussed Out by Caregiver Moruti Wa Dikota

Mzansi reacts in worry to a video of viral dance sensation Skomota getting cussed out by his caregiver Moruti Wa Dikota.

Skomota is currently one of the most talked-about celebs in the country. He has won many hearts with his dance talent and has proven that he can pull off being a DJ. A video of the dancer controlling the crowd at an event had fans confirming his influence.

Skomota’s fans were unhappy after watching a video of the dancer getting scolded by his caregiver, Moruti Wa Dikota. Briefly News reports that the video was posted by Twitter influencer Lerato_N.

The publication writes that they were attempting to shoot a promo video for bedroom performance boosters, when Dikota was heard going off at a blank-faced Skomota for not taking a bottle from him. He was quoted saying,

“Come on, we’re working here, can you just do this so we can finish? You hold this bottle like this, leave your phone. My goodness!”

While his fans slammed Moruti for disrespecting the dance star, others felt it wasn’t that deep. SavageMaveriick reacted, “It shows he isn’t worth anything, people just want his money, that’s it!” gnont replied, “This is sad, can someone try and protect him, or get some bodyguards.”

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