SA20 League: Royals In For The Semi-Finals Despite Defeat

A defeat is not something any sports team would want to experience, but there is so much to be grateful for when a team accelerates to the semi-finals despite defeat. That has been the case with Paarl Royals in South Africa’s cricket universe.

The Paarl Royals were able to secure a semi-final ticket despite losing in the final round-robin match against Pretoria Capitals in Centurion in the SA20 League. Of course, with the advance to the semi-finals comes the hope of further advancement.

A win should push the team into the final and another win will see them crowned champions of the SA20 League. Who doesn’t want to be a champion? But then, hope rarely manifests as reality, and making it t the semis in no way assures advancement or even league victory. But that’s by the way.

It wasn’t a perfect run for the Paarl Royals during the encounter as they lost wickets at intervals. But the said losses were not enough to wreck the spirit of the team or even stop the team from edging their way into the semis. As one fan pointed one on Twitter, it was ironic to lose and to win at the same time.

Paarl Royals are here for the semis!

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