SABC Did Not Suspend Ukhozi FM’s Business Manager Over Song of the Year Allegations

SABC says they did not suspend Ukhozi FM business manager over “Song Of The Year” allegations.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has slammed claims of suspending Ukhozi FM business manager Ngcobo and called reports that she is being investigated “false.” The corporation released a statement addressing the allegations. It read,

“Ms Ngcobo is not being investigated, nor has she been suspended by the SABC as alleged in the public space. The SABC is aware of the variety of unsubstantiated allegations levelled against Ms Ngcobo and the irresponsible public statements, which are spearheaded by disgruntled individuals.”

“Whilst the SABC understands that the corporation’s services and operations are in the public interest and the institution accounts to South African citizens, it has become increasingly imperative to appeal to anyone to ensure that information reported on, is without any intentional or negligent departure from the facts whether by distortion, exaggeration, or misrepresentation.”

This all started when the “Song of the Year” award raised backlash from fans. News24 writes that it “became the source of a dispute between the station and former SABC sports commentator Owen Ndlovu.” He accused the station and its business manager, Sbongi Ngcobo, of stealing the Song of the Year concept from him and using it to earn money for the station.

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