SABC Refutes Claims That Faith Mangope Received A Warning For Matthew Lani interview

Metro FM has refuted claims that its presenter Faith Mangope was given a warning for her interview with Matthew Lani.

Metro FM has allegedly addressed the backlash received for their presenter Faith Mangope’s interview with alleged fraudster Matthew Lani. There have been reported claims that Mangope received a written warning from the station for the interview.

Zimoja reports that the station says they will be investigating how the interview was approved in the first place. Also they also refuted the claims that they gave Faith a precautionary warning.

The station and Faith were slammed for interviewing Lani on Monday night during the Metro FM Talk with Faith Mangope for an hour between 7 and 8 pm. Lani is a famous TikTok influencer who has been called a fake doctor.

He tried to convince Mangope that he is a real doctor. There were reports that he told security guards at the Johannesburg hospital that he was not a doctor after being apprehended trying to create content for his social media followers.

A source for Zimoja said: “The strategy of bringing Lani in studio was a gamble that didn’t work. Faith and her team were trying a strategy to draw in listeners, while on the other hand they wanted to be controversial. This left her with egg on the face because Lani spoke for an hour but said nothing. The most insulting part for the station was when Faith took photos with Lani as if she was star-struck,”

The interview and photos of it have been removed from the Metro FM websites and social media pages.

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