SABC Return: DJ Sbu Fires Back At Sizwe Dhlomo For Questioning His Decision To Want To Get Back To The Station

DJ Sbu is clearly unimpressed with the jabs his compatriots Sizwe Dhlomo had dropped at his expense recently, and he’s fired back at Sizwe. Just recently, the Guinness World record holder informed the Rainbow Nation that he’s been to get back to public radio as part of SABC.

He had worked with SABC previously until he was fired. Thereafter, he linked up with some of his radio associates, including DJ Fresh, DJ Euphonik and Tbo Touch to set up Fired FM. Somehow, the project didn’t take off, and DJ Sbu spoke about public radio return – to SABC.

That was when Sizwe Dhlomo popped into the conversation. In a tweet, he had joked that DJ Sbu wanted to get back to SABC because of the visibility it would give him. That claim did not sit well with Dj Sbu, who fired back at his compatriot.

He described Sizwe Dhlomo as an employee and therefore in no position to understand his, DJ Sbu’s, journey. While Sizwe gets a pay cheque each month, he, Sbu, builds things. So, Sizwe might not understand things, including his spiritual journey. You can check out the clip below.

It remains to be seen how Sizwe Dhlomo will respond to him.

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