SABC Spokesperson Addresses Cancelling Sjava’s Music Demands

The spokesperson to SABC finally responds to the demands of the people for the station to cancel the airing of Sjava’s songs.

A lot of people have called for the blacklisting of the singer after the allegations of rape were made against him by his Ex Lady Zamar. amidst the ongoing court case, a lot of brands and organizations have detached themselves from Sjava and it has taken a tone on his career.

Recall last week he was removed from the DSTV Mzansi viewers choice awards nomination and he was also removed from the list of performers at the international Jazz festival subsequently. It is obvious that the public have chosen a side on the issue  and requested for SABC to cancel Sjava’s songs from being played on the broadcasting channels.

The station responded that the they can’t take such decisions until the singer has been certified guilty of the offence.

Acting representative Mmoni Seapolelo confirmed they would not take serious steps to cancel Sjava til he has been pronounced guilty in the court of law. According to her:

The SABC respects the rule of law and believes that any allegations levelled against anyone should follow the due process of the law. Thus at this stage, it is premature for the SABC to take any decision regarding broadcasting Sjava’s music.

Sjava rejected allegations of sexually assaulting the talented female singer.

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